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Lennox AC FAQs

Q: What are the differences in the Lennox models offered?

A: The type of freon, single or two stage compressor, hail guards, self protection for high or low freon, self-diagnostics, a compressor heater and noise production.

Q: What is Silent Comfort Technology?

A: It is a patent-pending fan design (in cooperation with an insulated compressor) which greatly limits noise production.    

Q: I currently have an R-22 freon air-conditioner needing replaced. Does Lennox offer R22 equipment? Should I consider switching to R410A equipment?

A: R22 equipment is being phased out of production after 2010. Some limited inventory may be available in select warehouses. R22 freon will be obsolete after 2015. Because R410A is the current industry standard, it would be wise to consider R410A freon systems.

Q: I see air conditioners rated with a SEER rating, what does this mean?

A: This is the efficiency rating. It is like saying the miles per gallon a car is getting. The higher the number the more efficient the system is.


Q: What is meant by the term "ton" when speaking of an air conditioner size?

A: This comes from when people bought ice from the ice man and put it into an ice box. When air conditioning was invented it was compared to the cooling capacity of a ton of ice, so that generation would relate to how much work the equipment could do.