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Coil Blower FAQs

Lennox Coil Blower FAQs

Q. What is a coil blower?

A. A piece of equipment that contains a refrigeration coil and fan blower. It is the electric furnace without the elements; the elements are added to the coil blower to make it an electric furnace. The blower must be able to move air through the coil in enough volume for proper operation, so Lennox puts them together at the factory.

Q: What are the major differences in the models of coil blowers Lennox makes?

A: The efficiency of the blower motors and coils. There are two types of blower motors used: ECM and PSC. (The ECM motors consume 1/3 the power of the PSC motors). The coils in the better models are more efficient.

Q: What does variable speed mean?

A. The blower motor will self adjust the amount of air going through the ducting (to compensate for a filter getting dirty, registers being closed, etc.). This constant air flow maintains system efficiency and comfort.




General Coil Blower FAQs

Q: What is a coil blower?
A: See answer under Lennox Coil Blower FAQs.

Q: Are coil blowers efficient?
A: Yes. All of the electrical power goes to power the blower, the electrical components, and electric elements (if included). For this reason, they're virtually 100% efficient.

Q: Can a coil blower be coupled with an air-conditioner or does it need to be with a heat pump?
A: If the application is for air-conditioning only, then there is no benefit to utilizing a heat pump or installing heating elements. If the coil blower is going to be utilized for both heating and air-conditioning, then heating elements are necessary and an optional heat pump should strongly be considered for the financial benefit.

Q: Can a coil blower utilize different heat strips?
A: Yes. Optional heat strips range from 5kW to 30kW. However, there are limitations to individual coil blowers on the kW capacity it can handle.

Q: What application are coil blowers good for?
A: If natural gas, propane, and oil are unavailable or undesirable, then an electric furnace (coil blower) and heat pump option may be one of the wisest choices available.