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Equipment Installation FAQs

Equipment Installation FAQs

Q: I am building a new home. What questions about a heating and cooling system and contractor should I be considering?

A: Several. Included in these should be:

  • What is my budget allowance? New systems will run into the thousands of dollars.
  • What are my expectations about efficiency? Noise? Warranty? Comfort? Air filtration?
  • What brand of equipment am I looking for? Is there a difference?
  • What equipment options are available for my area? Did the contractor make me aware of these?
  • What incentives, if any, are available? If possible, will the heating contractor help me obtain them?
  • How did the heating contractor conclude what equipment I need?
  • Do I know exactly what equipment I'm paying for ahead of time?
  • What reputation does the heating contractor have with ACCA, BBB, and local entities?
  • Does the heating contractor have multiple references including businesses and past customers?
  • Is the heating contractor willing to stand behind their products? Do they have any installation warranty?

Q: Is there a website I can visit that will assist me further?

A: Yes. See the following site for informative videos and other questions for contemplation: http://www.acca.org/homes/.


Bottom line: At the end of the day, do I feel content with the decision I'm going to make?