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Equipment Replacement FAQs

Q:  I was recently told that my equipment needs replaced. What should I consider about getting this work accomplished?

A: First, prior to replacing any of your equipment, get a second opinion from a reputable company. The reason? The cost of equipment replacement can stretch from several hundred to several thousand dollars. As long as parts are available, then equipment can be repaired. Generally speaking, equipment failure is more a matter of maintenance than the need for replacement. So, with a little TLC, your equipment may last for years to come. Hence, why Heating Equipment Company looks more towards repairing equipment than replacing it. However, if it's still a consideration, then the following website (ACCA-Air-Conditioning Contractors of America) has multiple questions and videos to assist in choosing a heating contractor: http://www.acca.org/homes/.

Bottom line: Will your decision leave you feeling content?