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Installation Pictures

The following are some examples of our installation work. We invite anyone to come to our shop and see our office furnace and heat pump installation.

HTG office furnace-Lennox G61MPV

Lennox G61MPV furnace (95% efficient) installation for the office area. This furnace is coupled with a Lennox XP19 two stage heat pump. This is typically referred to as a dual-fuel system. Note in the picture the Healthy Climate media filter housing (above the furnace). This housing allows easy access to the filter. This dual fuel system means we are not locked into one utility. The last two years we have utilized the heat pump for the majority of our heating needs of the office instead of the 95% efficient natural gas furnace. However, should the power rates go up we will push a button on the thermostat and heat with natural gas.


D Eld-Lennox G71MPP furnace

Lennox G71MPP modulating furnace (95% efficient) installation. Note the coil has a secondary drain over-flow switch.


D Eld-Secondary drain over-flow switch

This is a closer look at the secondary drain over-flow switch. Without this (or similar) protective device, water damage to the equipment, building structure, or both will likely result if the primary drain gets plugged.


Dr J Blaisdell-Lennox G71MPP furnace

Lennox G71MPP furnace (95% efficient) installation. Note that in the picture there are 2 Healthy Climate media filter housings for better air flow.


Dr J Blaisdell-Lennox CBX26 coil blower

Lennox CBX26 horizontal  coil blower (electric furnace) installation in an attic. Note several items: Secondary drain over-flow switch (far right) on the refrigeration coil, auxillary drain pain (underneath the unit), secondary drain over-flow swith off of the auxiallary drain pan (far left), and the paperwork holder (for easy reference  access).


D DeMark-Lennox CBX27 coil blower

Lennox CBX27 coil blower (electric furnace) and Healthy Climate media filter housing installation. This was a closet installation. Note the clear condensation trap for easy inspection and cleaning.


D DeMark-Lennox 14HPX heat pump

Lennox 14HPX heat pump that was coupled with the coil blower in the picture above. Excellent ratings (15.00 SEER, 12.50 EER, 8.5 HSPF-ARI reference #: 1275799) were achieved with this match-up.


Crookham Seed Company-Infrasave unit heater

1 (of several ) infra-red unit heater installations in a local warehouse.


Crookham Seed Company-Lennox rooftop units

Lennox roof-top gas pack installation (with curb adapter) at a local warehouse.


Crookham See Company-Unit heater

Lennox LF24 unit heater installation at a local warehouse.


M Child-Lennox G71MPP furnace

Lennox G71MPP (95% efficient) furnace, CX34 refrigeration coil, secondary over-flow swith, and Healthy Climate media filter housing installation.


Marsing Fire Department-Lennox G43 furnace

1 (of 2) Lennox G43 (92.1% efficient) propane furnaces installed at a local Fire station. This particular filter housing can utilize standard 1" or 2" filters.


Marsing Fire Department-Lennox G43 furnace

1 (of 2) Lennox G43 furnace (92.1% efficient) installations at a local Fire station.


Marsing Fire Department-Lennox G51 furnace

2-Lennox G51MP furnaces (92.1% efficient) installed at a local Fire department.


Deerflat Free Methodist Church-Fujitsu mini-ductless split system

1 (of several) Fujitsu indoor air-handler with optional hard-wired thermostat at Deer Flat Free Methodist Church. This is the indoor portion of a mini-ductless split system. The church reports these systems have exceeded their expectations of efficiency, quietness, and comfort.


Deerflat Free Methodist Church-Fujitsu mini-ductless split system

3 (of several) Fujitsu outdoor heat pumps installed at Deef Flat Free Methodist Church. This is the outdoor portion of a mini-ductless split system. Note that the refrigeration and electrical lines are hidden be a sheet metal cover. NOTE: These types of systems have exceptional efficiency ratings.


Valley Pentecostal Church-Lennox G32 furnaces and CR26 coils

3 (of several) Lennox G32 (90.0% efficient) furnaces and 3-Lennox CR26 cased refrigeration coils installed at Valley Pentecostal Church. NOTE: Notice the limited room, maximum service accessibility, and over-all clean appearance of the final installation.


Valley Pentecostal Church-Lennox 10ACC condensers 

5 (of several) Lennox 10ACB outdoor condensers installed at Valley Pentecostal Church. Notice the accessibility for service and over-all clean appearance of the final installation.


 R&H Machine-CBX26 coil blower 

Lennox CB26 coil blower (electric furnace) and Healthy Climate media filter housing installation at a local commerical business.


 R&H Machine-Lennox AC13 condenser

Lennox AC13 condenser installation at a local commercial business.


Lennox O23V oil furnace and Healthy Climate media filter housing installation. Notice the large amount of work space around the equipment, easy access to the oil filter, and the paperwork/installation manual holder. The furnace has been placed on 3/4" rubber pads to help isolate noise. Although difficult to see, the square elbow has turning vanes to assist in air-flow dynamics.  



An example of custom metal work that was installed by customer. The pipe is 36" round.



 Side view of retro-fit furnace install. This is a Lennox SLP98DF070XV36B furnace (98% efficient, modulating gas valve, and variable speed blower). Above it, a Lennox HCC16-28 Healthy Climate media filter housing is installed. This housing allows MERV 10, 11, 13, and 16 filters to be used. Note several items: 1) Rubber quick-disconnects on the 2" PVC flue piping. This allows for service work and furnace removal to be easily performed. These were added because down-flow coil (not pictured) was  re-used and when the outdoor condenser is replaced, then the indoor refrigeration coil will be replaced. Due to differences in cabinet sizing, the furnace will need to be temporarily removed at that time.  2) Test plugs on the front portion of the return air ducting. This allows for pressure readings to be measured. 3) Holder for ready access to installation instructions.