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Mini-Ductless Systems FAQs

Q: What is a mini-ductless split system? What are the benefits of it?
A: A mini-ductless system is a split AC or HP system, and is comprised of 4 elements: an indoor coil blower, an outdoor condenser/heat pump, a refrigeration line set, and thermostat. There are multiple benefits to these types of systems: rebates/incentives, exceptional efficiency, easy installation, and an attractive appearance. NOTE: The thermostats with these systems are generally remote-controlled, with an option of a hard-wired thermostat.

Q: What are some of the reasons to consider the purchase of these systems?
A: They are good for specific area conditioning (bonus rooms, etc), zoning, and adding additional cooling/heating capacity without major changes to the current system. They are very efficient and quiet. 

Q: Are they attractive?
A: Click on the Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, and Daikin manufacturer tabs in the Our Products page. This is a link to the home pages of their respective websites. They are all aesthetically pleasing.  

Q: Are there incentives or rebates for this type of equipment?
A: Yes. See the FAQ tab and look under Incentives and Rebates.