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Thermostat FAQs

Q: I have an old mercury-type thermostat. Does it have to be changed when I replace my furnace?
A: Yes. It must be replaced with a programmable thermostat per code requirements.

Q: How do I dispose of my current mercury-type thermostat?
A: Contact your local HVAC dealer, local Fire department, or Environmental Protective Agency for disposal information.  

Q: I just need an inexpensive thermostat during my remodel. Is this still possible?
A: Yes. There are numerous thermostats available. Most use a bi-metal mechanism instead of mercury and can be obtained at most do-it-yourself stores.

Q: I'm an older person and find my new thermostat confusing to use and program. Where can I go for assistance?
A: The manufacturer's instructions, installing company, thermostat dealer, or the Internet are all good references. 

Q: Are there thermostats with larger numbers that are easy to read?
A: Yes. There are several brands that are made with a large display. 

Q: What are the differences in thermostats?
A: 1) Stages of heat/cooling. Some have only 1 stage, while others have 2 or more stages. 
2) Display. Standard or large. 
3) Program. (7 day, 5/2 day, 5/1/1 day). 
4) Advanced features. Filter change notice, current time, outdoor temperature, day of week, humidifier control, dehumidifier control, lock-out screen, blower off time delay relay, and air circulation mode are some examples. 
5) Brands. There are multiple brands available. Some examples are Honeywell, Lennox, and White Rodgers.

6.) Wireless and wired.